‘Set up a home again’ – Martin’s Shared Ownership Story

‘Set up a home again’ – Martin’s Shared Ownership Story
'feel a little more protected'

Martin speaks about how shared ownership has made a house feel like home again while feeling like he has a protected investment…

How did you find your property?

We had seen Arlesey as village we wanted to live in and saw the Settle properties being built and liked the style of them.

I chose this home because we still wanted to live near Hitchin for our son’s school but wanted to move a little further out.

shared ownership allowed Martins family to stay local but move to a more ideal area

set up a home

“The affordability issue was big for us and we were struggling to get back on the ladder”

What difference has it made owning your new home?

Owning my home has meant we as a family can set up a home again. After renting for a long time meant we never felt we could purchase permanent furniture. Owning our homes means our children that don’t live us, can come and stay and enjoy feeling that it’s their home too. Being in shared ownership also made us a feel a little more protected investment wise. As the housing market and mortgage market were just beginning to show signs of unpredictability and has continued to do so.

Would you recommend shared ownership to others?

I would recommend shared ownership because… It allows you to get onto the ladder after renting for so long. It also offers decisions on investment in smaller chunks so it enables us to decide later on according to market behavior and other factors.

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